A little vacay

Well, I feel like I have been running from one place to the next the past couple of weeks – I’m sure most of you feel the same way as well! The vet came to visit last week and that Friday Sarah and I left for the city. Monday her plane flew out and my little brother flew in. We headed back to the countryside on Tuesday, stayed long enough for me to do dishes and laundry and clean the house and then turned around and left again on Friday for the city. Currently we are in Kenya about to go on Safari!

When we got here last night, but even from the taxi, he and I both agreed that it was light years ahead of the country we had just left. As much I love hyena town and my work there, when it comes to western conveniences there isn’t a whole lot to offer – in the countryside or in the city. There have been a few times recently in the city where I felt like maybe I was getting a little spoiled. A good restaurant to eat in, decent food to buy at the supermarket, even a place to get cheap pedicures. Then I came to Kenya and I began to feel like maybe I was actually a little deprived back in my prior country. Things like toilet paper and soap in the bathrooms, malls, real grocery stores, chain restaurants (even if it is just KFC), clean roads, polite traffic. All little things, but you don’t realize how much you missed them until you have them again. I almost got emotional when we pulled up to the mall today. Not because it was a mall, but just because it had been so long since I had seen something nice and clean and new and modern, with a food court with food in it that I might actually want to eat! I have to say Nairobi is a long stretch from America, but it is still a very welcome reprieve from the dirtiness and chaos of the country I live in. Michael told me I needed to put in a transfer to Kenya (as if that was possible), but I think I am just going to soak it all up while I am here instead!

Pictures from the safari coming when I get back!

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