African Adventures

April has been a month of adventures in Africa – how you like that alliteration? Using the word “adventure” is our attempt to look at the situation optimistically. Small things such as a dead car battery, turn into much bigger “adventures” when you can’t get a new battery for a week and have to either jump it off with battery cables or push start it down a hill every morning until you can get back into the capital city to change it. Simply setting foot in the capital city brings all kinds of adventures of its own without having a car that refuses to crank.

Twice now, this past week we have gotten stuck in the mud (I was not the one driving either time) and it is only the beginning of rainy season. The first time, we were close to our destination so we left the vehicle and went on about our work. When the vehicle was retrieved later that day, the friendly neighborhood kids had crammed small pieces of wood into the door locks. We really appreciate when they upgrade our vehicles by way of removing decals, letting air out of the tires, stealing gas caps, or cramming wood in the locks. Those are always fun “adventures” to fix.

This past week, Heather, as well as our visiting Veterinarian/USDA inspector got a special little “adventure” in the eating establishment we visited. It was a look-at-your-dinner-being-slaughtered-while-you-eat-it special. Two for the price of one. On the wall directly across from our very unclean table, hung our options for dinner, not yet cooked. I was especially impressed with how well the USDA inspector maintained himself at such a close proximity to very unclean food preparation areas.

Certainly, these weren’t all our adventures this month, but suffice it to say, we have had enough “adventure” for a little while. Routine and/or dull moments will now be appreciated from here on out.

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