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All in a day’s work

This is what I did today. I loaded all this wood by myself on my truck. Not! I was told firinji (foreigner) hands were too soft, so they loaded all this wood on my truck and I sat there with my hands on my hips and watched. Not exactly what you thought I did all day around here huh? The past few days I have been a truck driver hauling large loads of materials from town out to the site in order to make some improvements to our goat barns and fences. The last of the materials included poles and wood and we got them from a guy who lives near the site. We told him what we wanted and he broke out the axe and started chopping down trees. And I sat there and waited while he chopped – no calling in your order ahead of time around here! At least I had a pretty view while I waited. This is what I got to look at yesterday while I sat there with my hands on my hips.

This view and playing with the kids who come to inspect the white girl usually keep me entertained enough while all the workers wear themselves out loading up the truck. I kind of have the good life. Not sure I’ll know what to do when I get back to South Georgia and am expected to work like one of the men again…no special treatment like this at the Murray household.

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