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Anonymity please!

Sorry, I peaced out on here for a little while. You’re probably not. You’re probably grateful for a break from reading my ramblings : ) The reason I disappeared was because I left the city for a week for a conference and we had no phone or internet access. I got back on Friday and immediately logged back on… 67 new messages. While it may be nice to be internet free at the time, it is not nice when you have to play catch up.

If for no other reason, the conference was wonderful because I got to be absolutely anonymous for a whole week. I never realized how much I wished no one would pay attention to me until everyone in this country payed attention to me everywhere I went. It kind of makes you want to lock yourself in your room and never come out. Where we were last week was like a semi-resort type campground situated in the middle of the jungle. It was really right off the road, but it was surrounded by trees and was quiet and we were pretty much the only people there besides the staff, so no staring either. I literally almost wept with relief when we pulled into the place and I realized how quiet and isolated it was. We were still the only white people there – even the cute little monkeys were mostly black – but much less conspicuous than we are in the city. The rooms were “cabins” themed to look like some of the different people groups here. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a resort, but it was nice and clean and comfortable and a nice reprieve from the culture. I had no idea how good it would feel for no one to look at me or make comments as I walked past. I have never been happier to have no one paying attention to me!

The outside of our room

Our ceiling and lights

The cute monkeys - check out the little bitty baby one!

And a full grown one!

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