Anyone care for a cup of coffee?

I’ve heard people describe coffee as “earthy” or “wood-flavored” – can’t say that I’ve ever drank any though. Seems I might get my chance in the morning. We bought some whole bean coffee last weekend in the city but don’t have a grinder to grind it with – we have one coming soon, its just not here yet. We used the last of the coffee that was already ground this morning and knew it would not be a pretty thing for both of us not to have coffee in the morning. I had our guard go and purchase what I refer to as a mortar and pestle – a little wooden bowl that holds the coffee and a stick to grind it with. Of course it has a different name than mortar and pestle, but what does that matter at the moment. He brought me back a freshly carved, brand spanking new bowl complete with shavings and sawdust. I tried to blow it out some, but that just resulted in sawdust all in my face. I initially lined it with paper, but as I started trying to pound the coffee, the paper just fell apart underneath so I ended up just letting the coffee sit in the bottom of the bowl. Although my guard brought me back the bowl to grind the coffee in, he didn’t bring the stick, so I looked around the house and the closest thing I could find that I thought would do the job was a large wrench. I proceeded to grind the coffee in the sawdust bowl with a wrench that I also later realized I hadn’t bothered to clean. Can’t say that I have ever tasted “earthy” coffee but feel that I am going to get my chance in the morning!

Some sample coffee descriptions for your entertainment – I guess I never knew you could be so descriptive about coffee:

A very bright, light bodied coffee with a distinctly floral aroma and clean, flowery taste.

A rich, smooth, heavy bodied organic coffee with hints of caramel and hazelnut.

A sweet coffee with a silky body, blueberry topnotes and a rich, lingering finish.

A delightful coffee with almond nougat sweetness brightened by fruity topnotes and balanced with a hint of chocolate.

A very smooth coffee with a rich, heavy body and an intense, earthy flavor spiced with a hint of licorice.

If our coffee had a description it would be:

An all natural coffee with a unique sawdust and freshly shaven wood taste followed by an aftertaste of wrench-like metal. Enjoy!

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