Blood, feces, and rumen…

Learning to draw blood on the goats

So, as I mentioned earlier, the vet and a vet student came to stay with us for a couple of days and we did some work out at the goat site. Our agenda for the week included brucellosis tests on all the female goats, fecal samples to check for worms, hoof trimming, ultrasounding the pregnant goats, and vaccinations for all the goats. We spent two days out at the goat site doing these things and other various jobs to try to get everything up to speed for the project.

I got the chance to learn how to draw blood on a goat, which has to be done to conduct the brucellosis tests. The vet student made it look so easy, but all in all it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and I had lots of fun doing it. I also got to take my first fecal samples, which involves reaching inside the rectum and getting a handful of feces. Also, not that hard, but its about as fun as it sounds.

On the second day of work at the site, we had a welcome back party for my supervisors thrown by the site workers. A party around here pretty much means you kill a goat and cook it, so that is what they did. I posted a while back about seeing a cow’s rumen in the grocery store and am proud to say that I have now officially eaten (goat) rumen. A treat here is to mix together the rumen and liver and fry it up and the workers wanted to have only the best for us, so liver and rumen it was. Honestly, I didn’t really notice that the rumen tasted any different than the straight up meat that was in another pot. All of it was pretty tough and stringy and not that appetizing if you ask me. At the end, some of the workers took the bones that were in the pot with the goat meat and proceeded to suck the marrow out of them. I willingly passed on that little adventure.

Katy Perry seems to be doing better, but I swear she is not a very smart goat. She seems to be attempting to nurse, but she’s still pretty much missing the mark. There were a couple of days there when I really thought she wasn’t going to live through this, but things are looking up a little bit. As cute as she is, I can’t help but call her mean names cause she is not too bright. The milking and feeding process is really cramping my style and I’m blaming it all on her stupidity at the moment.

Taken the fecal samples...not so pleasant!

A blog about our goat autopsy is coming soon! Get excited!

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