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Breakfast “on” the lake

Ashley and I had to go to the next town over this morning for a language lesson and agreed to meet up with the teacher at the one restaurant we like in that town. I only know one thing that I like there and that is the egg sandwich with fries.  The sandwich must have had about 8 eggs on it and was on a bun bigger than a hamburger bun and coupled with a double handful of fries. All of that for $1.25, plus 50 cents for a macchiato and you just can’t beat it.  It’s what we like to refer to as our McDonald’s breakfast, but not necessarily as a quality comparison.

Ashley enjoying her "McDonalds" breakfast

It has been absolutely beautiful weather here for the last week and we had a few minutes on the way back, so we stopped by Crater Lake – a lake in the bottom of a crater from an old volcano. I think this is about the 5th time I have gone there, but it is still beautiful. We just stopped long enough for a quick look and a picture, but it helped ease my hurt feelings about not being home for fall. I’ve decided that even if it isn’t technically “fall” here, I can still dress in all fall colors and try to trick my mind. Thanks to the friend who sent me this awesome fall scarf, I was able to fool myself once again today.

The gorgeous view at Crater Lake

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