Bride for a day

Yesterday I went into a home with a couple of other girls and got more than I bargained for (as usual).  The home I went into belongs to a woman whose people are my people’s ancestors.  I will have to get the full story later, but just know that they have some relation to the Sparrows. We went to the home because one of the daughter’s in this home just found out that she was 14 and that her birthday was yesterday.  She originally thought she was 12, but when asked by my friend how old she was, her mom got out her birth certificate (which is rare) and they discovered that her birthday was soon and she would be 14, not 12.  So, of course, we had to celebrate.

This people group’s homes are known for their baskets which are made in their hometown (going in two days to see it) and their culture and heritage seems to be very rich in history.  While we were in her home, the lady starts pulling out these hideous leggings and then tells us that that is what their women wear under their skirts if they are above the ankle. The material was about the consistency of pleather – very hot! Before it was all said and done, she had also pulled out her grandmother’s wedding dress and suggested that I put it on.  So, she puts these leggings on me, using plastic bags on my feet to get the leggings over my feet.  Then she puts this pretty gaudy dress on top, then on top of that, goes the wedding dress.  This dress was big enough for about 3 people and had to have a belt tied around my waist for the remainder of the material to billow over.  She finished it off with a beautiful scarf that of course covers the head.  Then she had me sit and told me that for that day, I was a bride. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed getting to see their very unique wedding attire, but I think I will stick with the traditional white gown myself.

Wearing the gaudy dress and getting help putting on the unique leggings.

Tying a belt around the hips so the remainder of the material can fall over it.

Ready for my bridal portrait - just missing my "veil"

The wedding gown is now complete - yikes!

Our hostess

Her daughter (the birthday girl) - looking far more beautiful in that scarf than I did!

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