Bulldogs, Gators, Hornets, Corn Huskers, etc.

So, on a daily basis here I see things or learn things that I just think are weird….or strange….or make no sense. In my head, I am often thinking “you would never see that in America.” Well, today I think I found something that they would think is really weird about us.  There are probably many more things, but this is just one that I awkwardly discovered.

We had some Somali girls over today and I commented to one that I liked her “dress” and stated that I liked the colors because they were the same as my University’s colors (red and black).  She didn’t really understand the idea of a University having colors, so I said that is was for our sport’s teams. I went on to explain that all the Universities have colors and a mascot (or a symbol) and then felt the need to tell her what UGA’s mascot was.  Well, about the time I went to say it I realized how stupid it would sound.  Here, a dog is a filthy nuisance and nothing that you would ever display as a symbol of pride.  They are all seemingly homeless and really just an annoyance to everyone. So, I go to tell this girl that my University’s mascot was a dog, but I couldn’t get it out without absolutely cracking up about how silly it would sound to her. My roommate was cracking up too because she knew how stupid it was going to sound when it came out of my mouth.  Saying that it wasn’t just any dog, but it was a Bulldog wouldn’t mean anything to the Somali girls either.  I finally just went and got one of my t-shirts and showed her a picture of UGA. She didn’t seem overly impressed.

As we continued talking about it, my roommate and I were naming all of the different mascots of different schools and I realized how absolutely silly it sounded.  Things like the Vikings, the Yellow Jackets, the Corn Huskers (my roommate is from Nebraska), and my favorite, the Syrup Makers (a team from South Georgia where they make syrup).  I didn’t even address the fact that my hometown mascot was a pig – they were Muslim and pigs are the lowest of the low in their eyes.  These girls were totally clueless as to why we would have a mascot and why we would have such silly ones. I guess as strange I think their world seems sometimes, they might think ours is just as strange.

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