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C-Section Viewing

As I mentioned in the prior post, I recently got to participate in a C-section on a goat. As happy of an occasion as it should have been, the outcome for mama and baby was not so great. The goat carried her baby full term and had been acting funny for a couple of weeks according to the shepherds and they wanted the vet to check her out. He did an ultrasound and didn’t find a heartbeat on the baby, so he gave her an injection to cause her to naturally abort the already dead baby. A day later, nothing had happened, so he decided to remove the baby.

Once he cut her open, he realized that the uterus was torn and that the baby was outside of the uterus. Because it had been in her so long, parts of the mama’s intestines and other internal organs were stuck to the fetus.  The vet pulled the baby out and stitched her up internally in two places and then stitched up three layers of outer skin and muscle. Sad to say, we found out the next day that the mama didn’t make it either.

Regardless of the outcome, I thought some of you might want to watch the c-section. I kindly edited it down for you from 2 hours to 11 minutes. Feel free to watch it HERE.

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