Celebration Time

When you have a roommate that is Canadian, on July 1st you celebrate Canada Day. Our Canada Day was celebrated with Middle Eastern food… we’re not sure why, it just sounded good. And we most definitely need a man in this house, cause none of us knew how to grill…. but I tried anyway. We ended up with slightly charred kabobs that were still actually pretty good and still followed the theme of being red and white. Happy (late) Canada Day everybody.

A little burnt but still yummy.

Fourth of July for me began with an All American breakfast of bacon, eggs, and grits and was followed shortly thereafter by an All American macchiato. Yeah, right, we can thank the Italians for those. Thankfully I live in a country with Italian influence, so I got to drink a delicious macchiato in celebration of the Fourth of July. It ended with a meal of goat meat and a blackberry cobbler. Bet not many other Americans had goat meat on the Fourth. But, that’s probably just because you’ve never celebrated the Fourth in Africa. I also found myself standing by the stove at one point just trying to stay warm on this wet, cold Fourth of July. Bet none of y’all have ever done that in July either! Definitely the coolest (physically speaking) Fourth that I will probably ever experience.

From Hyena Town to America – Happy 4th of July!

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