Diabetes anyone?

Have you ever been force fed food? Like to the point that you really, really didn’t want anymore food….really….but the person kept insisting that you continue to eat or drink. Maybe some of you have experienced a situation like this with an over eager grandmother, who just wouldn’t believe that you were truly satisfied with the meal no matter how many times that you told her you were.  Of course, I would never be accusing my own grandmother of such things : )

Here, I have experienced said force feedings on many occasions and yesterday was yet another. We went to visit a new house at 9:00 in the morning, not too long after eating breakfast and each politely ate 1/2 of an ear of roasted corn that was offered to us…quite delicious actually. Seeing that we had eaten all of it, they served us another one. Not too bad, but by that point we were satisfied, not really desiring anything else and really having had our fill of corn for the morning.

Then out came the freshly brewed tea with enough sugar in it to quickly send you into a diabetic coma. I like sweet tea as much as any Southerner, but this stuff puts South Georgia sweet tea to shame with the amount of sugar in it. It is usually served in a cup the size of a shot glass, but with that quantity of sugar how much more than a shot glass could one truly drink? We drank the first glass, really enjoyed it and both acknowledged that that was plenty…another cup would really be too much. Well, I had no sooner sat down my empty glass than she was refilling it. I plainly and clearly told her that I only wanted half a cup (in my attempt to not be rude), but she poured me a whole cup instead and so I immediately told Ashley she was splitting it with me. This didn’t make my hostess happy, but I was hoping she was picking up on the idea that half a cup really was enough.

We both got down our half a cup and thought we were done when out come the bowl of kidney beans. The beans tasted great, but by this point we both had a belly full of sugar and corn and weren’t really hankering for anything else difficult to digest.  We ate beans and then we ate more beans continually being encouraged to eat even more beans by our hostess. We ate until we really didn’t want anymore beans and thought yet again that we were done filling our not hungry bellies. We handed our stuff back to the hostess and again plainly and clearly told her that we were content, satisfied, full, and that we didn’t want anything else. She then proceeded to pour us yet another cup of tea each, as if we had never said anything and insisted that we drink it. I drew the line there (probably to the point of being rude) and said we had had enough. We left the tea glasses untouched.

Hospitality is great, but dang people it can get to the point of being pushy and uncomfortable. On the rather vain side of things, if I am going to gain weight over here, I would really rather it not be from things that I don’t so much enjoy eating. I have plenty of opportunities to get all the calories I want from things I do enjoy eating and oh how I hate wasting them on things that hurt my stomach and threaten to make me diabetic.

Compensating for the unpleasantly full bellies yesterday was the fact that the weather here is absolutely beautiful. It is certainly a different kind of pretty here than it is in South Georgia this time of year, but you just can’t beat the weather. Rainy season has ended and we have had a full week of what I can only call Spring-like weather. The sun is out, temps in the high 70s and lots of pleasant breezes blowing through (and blowing away the malaria carrying mosquitoes….Yay!). If I didn’t have to gear up in a skirt and head scarf to step outside of my house, I think I could spend all day outside. Between the breeze, the mountain scenery, and the almost ready to harvest fields, we stand in awe at God’s creation every time we set foot out of the door. It really is beautiful!

We went out to the goat site the other day and found that God had been creating more than just beautiful weather around here lately.  There had been 12 baby goats born since our last visit. In 5 days, 9 mamas gave birth to 12 kids (3 sets of twins) and the babies were all as different as could be. It was like a little goat nursery out there and we really enjoyed getting to see all of the newborn babies! Hope you enjoy the pics I have provided below.

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