Embrace it

I’m not really sure when it happened. It wasn’t an overnight thing, but more gradual. Last time I checked, I was a home-grown country girl straight off the farm. Next thing I know, I take a look in the mirror and looking back at me is a little bit of a hippie in the making. 

I’m going to blame part of it on Africa. The less consistent supply of water and the required head coverings eventually created less demand to bathe daily or wash my hair as frequently. And I embraced it.

My work out schedule started incorporating yoga into itself. I was surprised at how sore I consistently was after doing yoga, so I kept doing it.

Then there was the planting of my own garden, the growing of my own herbs, the desire to raise hens and collect my own eggs. Next thing I knew I was making my own yogurt, pasteurizing my own milk, and eating food in its most natural form. I loved it.


Fast forward to life back in America, and somewhere back in Africa I had given up the washing of my hair with any shampoo. Period. A method more commonly known as “no-poo.” I use lots of things to wash my hair – eggs, just pure water, conditioner, baking soda, coconut milk. Just not shampoo. I won’t lie, my hair has its grungy days, but it is pretty low maintenance, so that makes me a fan.

Then I got a job at a produce company and my diet began to consist of more plant and vegetable matter than anything else. Not for any real reason. It just happened. Top that off with the fact that we deal mostly with organic/sustainable farming methods and that means that my fridge is not only full of fruits and vegetables, but full of organic fruits and vegetables. I like the fact that they are free and I eat them freely.

The culmination of my hippie-dom came recently as I rode my bicycle sans makeup with hair looking like it could use a come-to-Jesus meeting with a bar of soap to my college campus and a group of classmates sat outside in nature as we discussed the deeper things of life. Getting all philosophical and junk. I ended the day with a trip to the bluegrass festival, where there was a whole lot of flannel and long beards roaming about.  I felt so earthy.  So granola.

Certainly, we could still argue that I have maintained some very non-hippie attitudes. I have not commenced the smoking of weed. Haven’t burned any bras lately. Still definitely shave the legs and pits and the hair will not be going into dreads anytime soon – no matter how grungy it gets. I don’t necessarily believe in peace, love, and happiness, but instead I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Never fear, there are some things you just can’t erase in this girl – a couple of them being my love for all things rural and deeply Southern and my love for my Savior.

But for now, if you need me you can find me in the nearest coffee shop drinking on some fair trade coffee and studying up on organic farming methods and learning about world religions. If you know the background behind these activities, the situation really is not as tragic as it seems.

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