Fun with the Fam

Well, the theme of Thanksgiving seems to have been babies! And I wasn’t complaining…as long as their mothers were around to step up when they started complaining. I can’t be dealing with no crying babies y’all. If I didn’t birth it and it starts crying, somebody better come running and quick. That’s my baby policy just in case you were wondering.

I borrowed a baby from my sis-in-law for this pic with my cousins and their sweet baby girls!

The week was full of family, food, farm life, fires in the fireplace, football, fighting with the brothers…and I can continue on with this alliteration, but I’ll spare you. It confirmed what I already knew to be true in my heart – that my this girl belongs in the rural south not in concrete suburbia.

The view out of our kitchen window.

I love my hometown where God, football, and farming reign and unfortunately, not always necessarily in that order. It was great to see new businesses popping up around town by those my age who had left and have now returned bringing new ideas and entrepreneurship with them. Another favorite while I was home is the tradition of turning on the Christmas lights on the square Thanksgiving night while families come to watch and shop. Magazine worthy.

If Moultrie is not your hometown, you should be jealous.

I loved my time at home so much, that my entire return drive I was plotting ways to get back down there (to stay) as soon as possible. The main question I kept asking the Lord was do I really have to be here another semester? Is there a way I can go back home and be done with this? This place. This season. This city.

As I sat in church Sunday morning, I was reminded that I am here for a reason and a purpose and it is not over yet.  The struggle now is for my good and His glory. Home looks wonderful, but for whatever reason, I am here for now. And I’m to live this life here on purpose for Him.

Sunday marked the day of one year back in America. Even as I type those words, my mind says there is no way. One year? Seems like about 9 lifetimes ago. One year ago I was celebrating Thanksgiving in Africa and visiting with friends a final time. As we enter the Christmas season, I am reminded again of the time I spent there and the people I left behind.

Thanksgiving at our home last year.

My final goodbye. Celebrations sure do look different overseas.

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