Goats for Sale

We spent the last three days at a poultry and livestock exposition here in the capital city in an attempt to market some of our crossbred goats. It was a very strange environment to be in. As many of you know, I grew up attending livestock shows and agricultural expositions and while this was similar to that, it was just similar enough to be nothing like it at all. It kind of looked like a fairground and there was livestock around and you could smell food cooking on the grill, but when it all came down to it that was about all this had in common with my childhood memories. It was just similar enough to a livestock show that it made you realize it was nothing like it at all.

Nevertheless, we marketed those goats and answered questions about them all day long for three days. For that entire time anywhere from 10-20 people were gathered around our pens looking at the goats. I even met a man wearing a UGA hat! When we asked him about it, he proudly told us that his daughter graduated from there. He even knew about and understood the UGA/GT rivalry. He was so cute in fact that I just had to get my picture with him!

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