Going the Extra Mile(s)

Kim and I both have tendencies towards being overachievers. Yesterday, we took that tendency to new and unintentional levels. On Saturdays, we like to go for longer runs down the dirt road that heads out toward the goat site as opposed to shorter runs up the very steep hill/mountain right behind our house that we do during the week. So yesterday, we drove my supervisor’s vehicle 3 km down the asphalt and then turned and went another 3 km down the dirt road and parked the vehicle. I took my truck key off the key chain as usual and gave it to her to hold while we ran. We ran our little 5.5 km run, but when we got back to the vehicle Kim couldn’t get the key to go in the door. At that point, I replayed that morning’s events in my head and realized what I had done. I had taken the key to my truck, not my supervisor’s vehicle, off the key chain. We looked at each other knowing that there was nothing that could be done. Everything was inside of the vehicle and we were outside of the vehicle. Of course, I didn’t have a phone number memorized so we couldn’t even borrow a phone to try to call my supervisors. Kim, with the gracious attitude that she has, said “Well, lets start walking.” In an attempt to be optimistic and hopeful I assured her that the distance across the countryside back to our house had to be close to a 20 minute walk. A 20 minute walk it was not. We cut across from the dirt road back to the asphalt at a diaganol and walked, or rather trotted, the whole way at a very brisk pace, never mind that we were very tired from our run. Forty-five minutes later we arrived back at our supervisor’s house winded and very late for breakfast. Never say that we won’t go the extra mile…whether we meant to or not!

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