Happy Fourth of July

I took a little walk down to the main road today and came back today thinking “gosh, its hot outside today”….it might have been 85…might have been. Then I remembered that it is the 4th of July in South Georgia and I think for once I was glad to be here instead of home. I’m sure that wherever you are reading this, it is hot!

We began the celebration of the 4th by taking a trip to a local restaurant and having my first taste of fuul (fool). Sarah has had it before, but I had not and couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate America’s birthday than with some fuul …. literally I couldn’t think of a better way, what does that say about the social life around here. Considering that we are in a muslim town and only men were in the restaurant it proved to be a very awkward situation. We ate as quickly and as uncomfortably as possible and then left. So much for fuul….I’ll try again sometime soon in a less uncomfortable situation.

Our other 4th of July celebrations consisted of eating a good old American hamburger and french fries (i.e. homemade potato chips) and drinking Coke out of a glass bottle. We were going to have fried blackberry pies for desert, but we were so full after the burgers (we don’t get meat like that around here often) and then the power went off and I just ended up not making them. How lame are we? We are officially the only two Americans in our town tonight, so it is a rather small celebration. Be that as it may, hope everyone has a Happy Fourth!

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