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Happy Valentine’s Day to Me!

Valentine’s Day was yesterday wasn’t it? Well, it was for me.  Here in Africa it comes three weeks late : ) Not really, but since all FIVE of my Valentine’s packages arrived here yesterday, I’m changing my calendar to say that Valentine’s Day is March 4th!  My very uneducated theory is that the packages got stuck in Cairo with all the protests and then were all released on the same day, hence the reason they all arrived here on the same day.  I could certainly be wrong on that, but I like to think that is the reason a couple of them took 5 weeks to get here.  Or maybe, it is just because this is Africa and things in Africa do not work on a schedule.  Either way, I was happy to get the packages and the contents in them!

Now, I was grateful to everyone who sent something, but there was one particular package that I was extremely thrilled to see. A very special niece and nephew sent me some very special handmade Valentine’s and I had no choice but to immediately display them on my bedroom wall.  Some of the items in the other packages sent included a Madison County High Freshman Academy FFA T-shirt, Spam, a mixed CD, and some pecans! Thanks to all the individuals who sent the packages and made a very special belated V-Day!

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