Hi-ho-hi-ho off to the mud hut I go

Well I had ambitions of doing a real blog post tonight…even had one in mind, but time slipped away from me and now it is nearing my bedtime and there will be no insightful post. I just returned today from the capital and taking Ashley to the airport to head back to the states. Tomorrow morning I leave to go begin my mini-immersion into the culture. One of the girls who works with us at the goat site has graciously agreed to let me stay with her family for a couple of nights – in a mud hut in the middle of nowhere – something I have wanted to do since the day I got here. This is a perfect opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture and language…hence the reason I must go to bed soon because it takes far too many of my brain cells to try to speak the language and that is all I will be speaking for the next three days…yikes! As I sit here and try to pack I keep thinking what do you pack to take to a mud hut? This could get interesting. Regardless, I am excited about the opportunity I have and can only hope that I will have some good stories to share when I return (I will obviously be internetless for the weekend). Please ask for good relationships and opportunity to share the good news during this time.

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