Hooked on Phonics Worked for Me!

Remember those Hooked on Phonics commercials everybody used to make fun of and laugh about back in the day? Well, now it appears the joke is on me. I am now the kid on the commercials.  Except I am not a kid, I am a 27 year old grown woman.

At language yesterday, I was working with a man here who actually helped write the dictionary in the language that I am learning. I was trying to learn something written out, which is not usually how we do things – almost all of my language learning is oral – and I was attempting to sound out and read the words. Four year olds in America could have read faster than I was reading. As I was sitting there attempting to sound out each letter “ddddddd……. diiiii….. duuuuuuuh” and then eventually getting frustrated and saying “Okay, okay I don’t know. What is it?” I couldn’t help but think how comical I must have looked. My poor roommate had to sit there and listen to me sound like a kindergartener and lets not even discuss the level of patience that my teacher had to have with me. I was embarassed enough for myself that I wanted to stop and apologize every 30 seconds for reading like a 4 year old. Then I had to make myself laugh about it and try to crack a joke on it to keep from crying.

I am really not as frustrated with all of it as I just made it sound, but it really is humorous (in a pitiful sort of way) as I think about me trying to sound out all those letters yesterday.

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