Hyena Town Update

Hyena town has been pretty peaceful this past week. I can not get over and could not be more excited about how quiet and laid back it is compared to the city of 6 million that I just left. People aren’t necessarily friendly and welcoming here so for the most part they leave us alone, which is fine by me. Certainly many people stop and stare when we walk by and have looks of curiosity on their faces, but generally they stare a little and keep walking. The little kids here still like to call us “firinge” and our new name is “money, money” which is apparently about all they know to say to a white person. We have had many discussions amongst ourselves about who was the person who taught them that word and taught them to say it to white people. When they say “money, money” to us, we like to reply back with “My name is not money.” We think it is pretty clever, they don’t seem so ammused.

The little group of kids next door to us, about 10 in all ranging from age 3 up to teenagers, are super precious. If they are in their guard house, which is kind of like a house on stilts, they can look over into our compound. So, the little 3, 4, and 5 year olds will climb up into the guard house and when we come out will yell “firinge, firinge” and start waving furiously. That is the signal for all of the other kids to come running. Then they all want to say hey to us and ask us our name. We have told them our names now about 20 times and they still ask us what they are every time they see us. We are beginning to think they are using all the English they know and aren’t really interested in the response. They are all pretty stinking cute.

I still don’t have internet in my town and have no idea when or if I will. For now, we are going to the next big town over and using the internet about once a week. I will attempt to prepare blogs in advance and be able to send them at these times cause I know you don’t want to quit reading all my ramblings.  What would you do at night when you can’t sleep if I didn’t fill you in on all the mundane details of my  life? : )

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