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I Got Skillz

Updated: Mar 21, 2020


Me as a child. Who am I kidding? This is me forever. I will always and forever love bacon. But, forgive me if I don’t make out with a pig because of it.

That picture. I.can’t.stop.laughing.

So, after meeting with one of my mentors the other day, I was encouraged to go home and write down my areas of natural ability, acquired skills, and passions in an effort to find where those three things, along with my spiritual gifts and my personality converged. The idea being that if I know what I am skilled at and passionate about, then I can better put those things into practice. *sigh* Same thing I’ve been telling myself for the past 5 years. Y’all. I stared at that sheet for what seemed like an hour. And this is what I came up with.

My natural abilities:

  1. Being organized/scheduled

  2. Being bossy

  3. Being sassy

  4. Rolling my eyes

  5. Eating and sleeping

I got in a lot of trouble for those top four “abilities”, specifically the middle three (especially #4), while growing up. Even the top one got me in trouble because I like a plan and a schedule and one of my parents does not. I’ll let you guess which one. And who wasn’t born with the natural ability to sleep and eat, but I did feel the need to include it just to beef up my resume.

My acquired skills

  1. Showing Cattle

  2. Cooking

  3. Cleaning

  4. Fitness

  5. Running my mouth (in person or on paper)

Do you know what this qualifies me for??? Being a housewife…on a cattle farm…with a gym. Which ironically, I can’t do cause I’m not married. Or, I could be a mommy blogger…on a cattle farm…with a gym. Again, not really an option at the moment. I mean, really. Can we even call these things skills? The only thing they qualify me for is the ability to breathe air and eat and then workout so I can eat some more. Oh, and did I mention that I have the ability to show cattle? And eat.

My passions:

  1. Being alone. I do love to be alone.

  2. Being productive while I’m being left alone.

  3. Eating. I love to eat.

  4. Sleeping.

  5. Cows.

PEOPLE, THESE AREN’T PASSIONS. Can you even be passionate about being alone? Or being productive? Or SLEEPING? But I kid you not, there is no better moment in the day than the one at the end of the day when I get to get in my bed! Except for maybe that moment in the day when I am eating bacon. Or chocolate. Forget my passion for cows, I should probably just become one. Cows get to be left alone, they get to eat all day, sleep when they want, and if you want to call chewing cud being productive, then they are productive as well.

Working on this threw me back to the day when I asked my friend Lendy, aka my boo, for help with my resume. This is a piece of what she sent me back:

OBJECTIVE STATEMENT Lalala my name is Katie Murray… No seriously… To obtain a position in the agricultural industry educating individuals about livestock. Particular interest in working with youth.
SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Katie Murray is single handedly (notice how I’m typing this in 3rd person) the. most. awesome. time manager. ever. She cooks amazing black bean burgers (read vegan traitor), chicken & dumplings, biscuits, banana pudding, collards, and guacamole. She is most passionate about Jesus, cows, coffee, and the FFA. She also likes the color blue, chocolate chip cookies, and averages a 7-8 minute per mile pace while running and was seeded #1 swimmer in a Sprint triathlon. She’s recently had lots of experience cleaning up other people’s messes (literally and figuratively).

Lendy being entertained by my status as #1.

Lendy being entertained by my status as #1.

SKILLZ Reciting scripture. Sledding. Best Aunt of the Year award (allegedly on Twitter). Blogging. Cooking. Clean-ting. Public Speaking. Showing livestock. Eating McDonalds but still being fit. Taking pictures on Instagram. Hanging out at the library. Damage control with angry customers. Shopping at the Grocery Store. Best boo eveerrrrr…..

Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud when I read this. And she almost verbatim listed every skill, qualification, and ability I had on my list (and I definitely created my list before I remembered to look at hers). Some of these comments were inside jokes between us, but still they paint a picture of my skills and abilities…or lack thereof. *ahem*

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