I’m just sitting ’round here watching airplanes

Unfortunately, most of you probably aren’t country music listeners, but if you are, you probably recognize the title of my blog from country music artist Gary Allan. If not, you probably don’t have a clue what I am talking about – but I would highly encourage you to tune into country radio more often : )

Now, on to more relevant topics…..

If you go out on the veranda of my house, you can clearly see the airport runway and all of the planes coming and going. Today, while were taking a break from language, my nurturer wanted to see the planes. I personally didn’t see what the big deal was, but I honored her request. While we were out there, several planes came and went and her reaction was priceless. She kept asking me where all the planes that were taking off were going, as if I knew. She also asked me how many planes there were and what countries they were from. Every time one took off, she would say (in her language) “I’m sorry” and I would say “Why?” She would tell me that she was sorry for the pilot and asked me if he was afraid. I told her that they weren’t afraid and that they do this every day. She also asked me if all the pilots were firinge – no, they are actually from many different countries. She is very afraid of cars and now apparently planes also. She thinks I am so brave, smart, etc., because I can drive a car, not to mention the fact that I actually have one. At the end of our time outside, she said “Today, I am very happy because I got to see the planes.” I thought it was kind of humbling to get a glimpse of her perspective on something that I take for granted.

There are many days when I feel like I could strangle her with my two bare hands – we spend 20-25 hours a week together, just the two of us, in some very intense language learning situations. I hope that you somewhat understand the above said impulse. There are the times when she spits on my floor (for a countryside person, this is not abnormal) or orders me around (there is no such thing as “please” in this culture and only people who hang around firinge really use “thank you”) or when she gives me definitions to new words using other words that I also don’t know yet. Yes, there are definitely times when I have less than loving thoughts towards her, but the moment out on the veranda was a nice one and a good insight into two very different perspectives on the world around us.

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