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Is this Africa?

This is the view we had sitting across from us yesterday as we were visiting with a friend. This friend lives right beside our language teacher and the kids in that neighborhood have gotten quite used to us, but not so used to us that they don’t still want to just sit and stare at us. No sooner had we walked into our friend’s house, than these 5 children walked in behind us and plopped down across from us…just to look at us. They wouldn’t talk to us even though I kept asking them what it was that they were looking at. I think it had something to do with a different skin color….beats me. I don’t get it, but it never ceases to amaze them. Kim and I got so tickled at their cute little giggling faces that we knew we had to take a photo. Having their picture taken just made them giggle all the more. It was a precious moment!

In food related news (why does my blog always seem to come back to this topic?), we made pizza last night and Kim got a kick out of how different her side of the pizza looked from my side of the pizza. When I eat pizza, I am a pepperoni and cheese kind of a girl…and the more of both, the better. Kim prefers vegetables and just a little cheese on her pizza. So here we have my half of the pizza with cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms – my one veggie – and her half with mushrooms, pineapple, onion, avocado, tomato, and zucchini and very little cheese. I do not like to mix my yummy fatty foods with healthy nutritious foods, so I just couldn’t bring myself to ruin a perfectly good pepperoni pizza with vegetables.

This morning for breakfast we had bacon, eggs, biscuits, and cheese grits – Kim skipped on the bacon and biscuits and chose mango instead – and we tried out this recipe for pumpkin spice latte that I found online. Pumpkin is easily available in this area and although I have never drank one of these in the States, it turned out to be a really nice treat. We just sat and looked at each other and asked if we were even in Africa. Only the eggs and pumpkin were local products and drinking such frou-frou coffee made me feel as if I should look up and see a Starbuck’s sign in front of me. It was a bit surreal.

To top it all off, our supervisor came back from the capital yesterday and brought enough flowers back for his wife and his two “daughters.” So now we have this beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on our table. Not only does he spend half his days bringing us water from his house because we have none, he also brings us flowers! We are so blessed with wonderful supervisors! A great way to end a much improved week from the two before it!

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