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Katy Perry!

Meet Katy Perry! No, not the singer, but that is where we got the name for our new baby goat. Sarah kept calling it mini-Katie, which just didn’t seem appropriate to me. Somehow that evolved into Katy Perry because we have a mutual friend who randomly calls me Katy Perry every time he sees me. We always get a kick out of it when he calls me Katy Perry and decided that that was a much better fit for our new baby than mini-Katie.

We got Katy Perry while we were out at the goat site this week. She was a newborn baby and wasn’t nursing even though the mother had milk. So we decided to milk the mama and then use a syringe and a tube that goes to the baby’s stomach to feed the baby. Mind you, I have only milked cows before for fun, never because I had to or actually knew what I was doing and I had never milked a goat before. There’s a first time for everything right? It wasn’t too hard once I got going and it was fun to learn. We did this little feeding procedure several times while we were out there, but when it came time to leave yesterday it was mentioned that we might should bring the baby goat home and continue the feeding process 5-6 times a day. My roommate Sarah and I had quickly grown attached to Katy Perry, so we jumped at the opportunity to bring her to our house.

We brought Katy Perry (and her mother) home and are so excited to have her to play with – but she seems less excited to be played with 🙂 We are concerned that she might have some mental challenges, I mean what kind of baby doesn’t want to eat? And she won’t answer when her mother calls for her. She also has a overly tight tendon on her front leg, so she has to have a splint put on it to help her walk properly. The milking and feeding process took up quite a bit of my time today and I am really beginning to doubt Katy Perry’s intelligence. She had to have had some oxygen cut off to her brain in the delivery process! We will just keep her here through the weekend and then return her to the goat site. I’m pretty sure all the people here think we are crazy for showing this much attention to a goat!

Lots of fun activities that I need to share with you guys after I have had some sleep. The vet was in town this week, and there are always new gross things to see when he comes. And it appears the internet has decided to exist again out here, so maybe the blogs will be a little more regular again.

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