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Lettuce, stinky bread, and lots of mud…

Check out the lettuce I grew (almost) by myself in the garden. We can’t buy anything of any nutritive value here in our town and probably won’t be going back to the city for another month, so we were very excited to have some lettuce to munch on in the meantime. I’m a little proud of my product. However, my garden in general isn’t doing so well. The okra, tomatoes, and corn are dead or dying, but the broccoli, lettuce, carrots, and onions are thriving. I’m going to go with the assumption that the hot weather plants didn’t thrive too well during our very wet and sort of chilly rainy season. Oh well, I will try again once it dries out a bit and gets a little warmer.

In other non-related news, we got invited to a little get together last night with our neighbor. He cut down what is called a false banana tree from our yard and made dinner out of it. They eat the insides of these trees by grinding them to a pulp and then making some kind of congealed bread out of it. It smells like something rotted and died, so you just have to chew, swallow, and not think about it. Last night it was served with cheese and greens – for lack of a better way to describe it. They put spices in the cheese and greens so it was flaming hot. I ate the nasty bread stuff with the hot stuff in hopes that the two would cancel each other out. They did and I survived the meal as well as the cup of really sweet tea and a cup of salty coffee at 9:00 at night.

Our late night snack

As if yesterday weren’t eventful enough, I also managed to get the truck stuck for the second time this summer. My supervisor had to come pull me out. He is a very gracious man and somehow managed to laugh when I called him and told him I was stuck….again. Between fixing the never ending plumbing job in my house which has now consumed his entire week and pulling me out of the mud, his life has pretty much revolved around me this week. I’m afraid I will never fully re-pay my debt to him.

I dug a little bit of a hole trying to get out. happy to be my partner at this moment.

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