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Market Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in another city in this country today and having a ball. Despite melting in the heat, things here have been so nice and relaxing.  As hot as it is here now (about 100 degrees fahrenheit), it still has nothing on South Georgia in the summer, because there is almost no humidity here. Only problem is, I have to wear twice as many clothes – a skirt to the ankles, head wrap, and a wrap around my shoulders.  To make it a little hotter, the culture here is to wear a long slip under the traditional dresses.  You might as well tell us to put an oven in our skirts because that is about how it functions.  Anyways, you get the idea – it’s hot!

We went to the vegetable market today and I swear I stepped back to the 1600’s.  Just stepping in this country puts you back a century or so, but there was some serious time travel today.  Outside the market were horses and buggies and inside were poles holding up sheets covering what seemed like a hundred different vegetable stands. It was pretty surreal to see it and I know I am doing a pretty poor job explaining it.

I am including the link to a short video of the market booths.  I recorded this using a flip camera held as inconspicuously as possible by my side, so please excuse the poor videography.  Sometimes people here are not too keen on having their picture taken or will demand money for a photo, so I was trying to be sneaky.  If you listen closely, you will hear the “you,” “seester,” and “firingie” being called out, especially at the end of the video.  Five firingie women in the market caused quite a stir and we didn’t linger too long. Anyways, hope you enjoy it and hope you get a feel for the market experience.

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