On the train ride there, we met some people who were talking about experiencing the true Africa while they were here and not wanting to do the touristy thing. Heather and I just knowingly looked at each other. We fully intended to do all of the touristy things and experience non of the true Africa. We experience Africa every day – no need to do that on vacation. We split our time between enjoying the beach and eating at good restaurants and enjoyed every minute of it.

The beach on a budget idea got thrown out the window rather quickly when we came across a deal to go snorkeling on a coral reef and ride a dhow while watching dolphins. The snorkeling was amazing, although a little cold, and afterwards we were fed a meal of fresh steamed crab and fresh fish. I think I can now officially say that I am not a fan of crab meat. Good thing to know.

Our snorkeling destination.

We spent our last day at the beach chillaxing by the pool and watching the water…and frying our skin. There were lots of people kite surfing, wind surfing, and riding camels…that was a first. As for the town of Mombasa itself, well, I haven’t left anything there that I feel the need to go back and get. It was a dirty, dirty city.

We chose the smart route back to Nairobi and flew instead of taking a train. One hour versus 15…easy decision.

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