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Only One Thing is Necessary

Feels like I haven’t written in a month of Sundays….maybe because it has been a while. What can I say, I just haven’t been so inspired lately. I finally got released from my prison cell/hotel room in Kenya. Heather was stuck there for an extra week, but she has since returned. Kenya was cool and all, but being in a hotel room for 25 days with not much to do but spend money, gets old after a while. We weren’t there long before we were longing for the good ole countryside life again. Coming back home felt like re-entering the honeymoon phase of life in countryside Africa. That first week back was glorious and I felt like I saw everything through fresh and appreciative eyes. That has since worn off : ) We had a vet from the States here the first week I was back and we were quite busy trying to get as much work out of her as possible. So, this past week was the first week back with everyone home and us attempting to get back into a routine. That is, until Heather and I both got sick – it appears I food poisoned us…ooopsie. If we live through this illness, I swear we will get with the program again shortly.

As I was reading in Luke 10 this morning, this is what I stumbled across, “You are anxious and troubled about many things, but only one thing is necessary.” Did I say stumbled across? More like this is what I got slapped across the face with. In this story, Jesus comes to visit Mary and Martha in their home and Martha is complaining to Jesus that Mary isn’t helping her serve, but instead simply sitting at Jesus’ feet. (Oh, I so would have been Martha complaining about being stuck doing all the work if I had played a role in this story.) Jesus’ paraphrased reply to Martha is that she is running around like a chicken with her head cut off, while Mary is doing what matters – sitting at Jesus’ feet, spending time with her Master. Man alive am I ever a Martha! If I don’t have something to be anxious and troubled about, I go looking for it. If all that needed to be done for today is done, then I launch off planning (i.e. worrying) about what needs to be done tomorrow. Even when I have time available to sit at Jesus’ feet, I come up with a whole new list of things that seemingly must get done.

Truth is, I do alright at making time to sit with Jesus when I am in a routine or a schedule. But the past couple of months have been far from routine, scheduled, or consistent with me bouncing from one city and country to another. And I all too quickly forget about sitting  at Jesus’ feet and take off planning and controlling my own life. Before I know it, I don’t have time to sit with Jesus – I am too busy planning and worrying and being anxious and troubled. This has been my story lately.

This afternoon, I decided to take a little journey up to the falls behind our house. Heather was still feeling a little under the weather, so she couldn’t come. The river running from the falls is very strong at this time of year because of rainy season and amazingly no one else was around. Without even realizing it, I found myself entirely alone, standing beside the stream with the falls upstream and unable to hear anything other than the sound of rushing water. Nothing but me and creation and the Creator. And I talked with Him about my anxieties and troubles and I sat still in His presence. It was a good portion, which will not be taken away from me. Only one thing is necessary. When will I learn?

Be still, my soul, be still. Wait paitently upon the Lord. Be still, my soul. Be still.

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