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Well, I have been an extreme blogging slacker lately. In fact, I have been a slacker in everything lately. The last two weeks have been very unstructured and I tend to not do so well without structure. So, to get anything productive done in the midst of no schedule or routine has been quite a challenge. Don’t worry though, I am now back in my town and getting back to work. And this Friday I am going back to the city to pick up my new partner!

Nairobi was awesome and refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping and malls and eating out. I enjoyed it so much that I feared I wouldn’t be happy to come back to the rather dirty and chaotic capitol city of my country. The two countries, although rather close in location, couldn’t be more different. The Kenyan people have very African features and my people do not. I was very happy to see the lighter skin and smaller, softer features of the people in this country and to realize that this was a culture I recognized and understood (somewhat) and had come to love. Even though I enjoyed Kenya, when I stepped off the plane here, I realized I was back “home” again, regardless of the fact that I still miss my real home like crazy! It was a nice feeling though to feel an element of comfort at stepping back into this country and these people.

When Michael came out to Hyena Town, I told him to bring a soccer ball with him. I’m pretty sure that every kid in Africa loves playing “football” but I have seen very very few children here who actually had one to play with. The “playground” of our town appears to be right outside of my gate, so I knew Michael would have no problem getting a team together if he stepped outside of the gate with a soccer ball in his hand. Unfortunately, I am a girl and therefore not allowed to play within our town (but I can out at the goat site, where things are a little looser). Last night, as I stepped outside of my gate, there were five pre-teen boys sitting on the ground playing and as I walked out they asked where Michael was. When I told them he was in America, I am pretty sure that their reaction implied that they wished they were there too. I still have the ball here for them to play with though, so maybe that will ease their hurt feelings a little.

Below are pictures of Michael playing soccer with the kids in the mud hole that is their soccer “field” complete with cows grazing while they play. I also threw in a picture or two of us at the crater lake up the road.

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