Riding Dirt Roads

I have a new partner here to work with me! Her name is Ashley and she is from Alabama. So, now our team is made up of one Georgian and three Alabamans – there is a lot of southerness going on here in Africa : )

We started off her time here by deciding to go up to an overlook point on the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, we never made it and ended up stuck in mud for a couple of hours. The locals worked hard for those two hours to get us unstuck. However, the quickest way back down the mountain was the way we had just come and they nearly had a heart attack when we suggested turning around and going back through the now destroyed road. They insisted we go around instead. That meant driving for about 2 ½ hours down dirt mountain roads with the sun quickly setting on us, then from there another hour on the pavement to get back to our house. We left the house at 2:30 and got back around 9:00 and only about an hour of that was spent on the road we intended to spend it on. Poor Ashley was still struggling with jet lag – it was only her second day here. Welcome to Africa Ashley! (She will probably never come back.)R

We are settling into our house and get to host some fairly important guests this week, so there will be lots of cooking and cleaning going on. As for today, it is back to language for me – bleh!

Ashley and I at one overlook point, though not our intended one.

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