Road Tripping

Kim and I recently took a drive across the country to drop off a goat and we got to see more of this country than we ever bargained for. The trip was 10+ hours one way and it was a loooong 10 hours. See, you think 10 hour road trip and you are picturing cruise control, ac, radio – sit back and relax. For us, not so much. Ok, yeah, we have AC and radio, but no cruise control and no relaxing. Holding down a gas pedal for 10 hours can make for a very sore glute muscle. My right butt cheek will never be the same. Just saying. Also, 10 hours on these roads means 10 hours of intensely focused driving. You better be looking way down the road, right in front of you, and to both sides every second of the way. Donkeys, sheep, cattle, and humans are all mighty quick to jump out in front of you from nowhere and without ever stopping to look. Sometimes people send their cattle or sheep across the road from behind a tree or bush. So, one second the road is clear and nothing in sight and a split second later there is a cow bounding across the road in front of your vehicle. It is not a relaxing journey. But it sure was beautiful. About 3 ½ hours of gorgeous, twisting, winding mountain roads with breathtaking views. Another couple of hours of absolute scrubby nothingness. And another few hours of flat farmland similar to what you would find in South Georgia.

Some of the land we drove past was occupied by nomadic people who are very fond of camels and living in desert type environments. These people live in little dome huts, the men wear skirts, and walk around carrying AK47s as they walk behind their camels. A very interesting sight. We even saw a few men wearing skirts and plowing with oxen. I thought about coming up with a new slogan “Real men plow in skirts,” but somehow I don’t think that is going to catch on with most farmers in the States. We also went by a couple of towns and stretches of farmland where people used tractors and agriculture appeared quite industrialized. I can’t even begin to describe to you the human and geographical variations that we passed along the way, nor how beautiful and breathtaking some of the scenery and people were! As beautiful as it was, we were more than happy to no longer be in the car!

The town we went to was hot. Very hot. We didn’t sleep well one of the nights because we were sweating in our beds (no ac of course) and then I came home last night and had to put an extra blanket on the bed here because it was so cold. In the town we went to, you can get ice cream, there were pools, chocolate and other Americans. There were lots of cobblestone streets and it was a very pretty place to be in general, despite the heat. Oh, and it also has roadside food – about the closest thing you can get to fast food in this country. Monday morning, I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the edge of the road while a rather hefty woman rolled out some dough threw it on a hot oiled griddle over some coals and fried me some bread and an egg. Greasy, but delicious. Monday night, I partook of some beans and potatoes from another roadside vendor. Almost like eating fair food. Almost. Hits the spot though!

The trip was fun. We got to see some new sights and experience different culture, but we have never been so happy to see the muddy, dirt road leading up to our cold house!

It doesn’t do it justice, but this is some of the scenery around us!

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