The boys are back in town…

“The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town.” That has been the tune in mine and Kim’s head this past week as we have anticipated the arrival of two guys, one who used to live here and did the job that I am currently doing. Virtually since the day I moved here, I have had zero interaction with a guy the same age and culture as me. Combine that with the fact that we have been the only 4 American faces in this town for the past 3 months and needless to say we were ready for some visitors.

The guy who used to live here, David, left quite the impact and kids often come up to me asking me when David is coming. He moved away 2 years ago and they haven’t forgotten about him yet. Apparently, he played soccer with them often, something that I, being a girl, am not allowed to do. Last week, I was so excited to finally be able to tell the kids that he was in fact coming. He hadn’t been in town more than a couple of hours when we saw him out there playing soccer with the kids.

On Monday, Kim and I had the opportunity to go hiking with “the boys” as they began their 3 day walk up the mountain and back down the other side. While walking, they were lifting up the people of this region as well as asking to run into seekers of the Truth so that they could share. Being girls (that seems to be a real problem here), we have never walked more than 2 km up the mountain past our house due to potential harassment by truck drivers. Monday, we got the chance to walk 10 km up – and I literally mean up – the mountain to the nearest town. As you can imagine, the view is beautiful and the walking is hard. Luckily, we weren’t carrying packs like the boys, so we were able to walk a little faster and a little more effortlessly than they did.

They come back down on Wednesday and we will all be camping out at the site on Thursday with some other workers. Friday, our new roommate comes and we are having a party at the site. By party, I mean, the workers are killing a goat and we are eating it. Looking forward to a fun-(and work)-filled week.

Ready to begin our journey!

We made a brief visit to the very muddy falls.

Halfway up the mountain - overlooking our town.

Almost to the top!

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