The Pee Incident

I got peed on today. But that really isn’t all that blog-worthy. We’ve all been peed on before right? Well, maybe not, maybe that’s just me.  Too much time spent around livestock to not get peed on a time or two. I remember one time my show pig peed down my boot while I was waiting to enter the ring. Now, that was not a pleasant feeling. A soggy boot full of pee…no thanks! This time I guess I asked for it. The baby was not wearing a diaper – they don’t actually exist here – and I was holding it. I knew the risk I was taking when I picked him up. But, he was just so irresistibly cute, so I took the risk. Thankfully, today’s pee incident was much less unpleasant than the show pig pee incident. Although I will admit that eating lunch with a skirt covered in pee isn’t exactly how I typically like to enjoy my lunch. But, let’s be serious, eating a lunch of boiled, but still very hard, beans and a cup of coffee isn’t usually how I like to enjoy my lunch anyway.

Back to the blogworthiness of this experience. My favorite part of the story is that after I gave him back to his mother (which was immediately after he peed on me) she and the other ladies in the room proceeded to agree that being peed on by a boy is a blessing. If I understood correctly, they said it means I will have a boy, which in this culture is of course a blessing. So, let me get this right, that baby just peed on me and you are telling me that I just got blessed? Hmmm, not the way I see it, but I guess at least now I can rest assured that I will in fact one day produce a male progeny.

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