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The Trouble with Girls

Last week, Kim and I had the chance to leave the countryside and visit another city. We headed to the capital first to gather with some other like minded people for the morning. We were so excited to be leaving the world of head scarves, skirts, goats, and no water. The hair dryers and straighteners were pulled out, as well as what we owned that could be described as “American clothing.” We even felt the need to capture the moment!

That blow dryer and straightener came back to haunt us a little later on that week. On our way back from our trip, we travelled through the podunkest (and, yes I realize that is not a word) airport one has ever seen. Literally, a two room airport with a tin roof and wooden poles holding the building up. Despite the fact that you could walk from inside the airport straight out onto the tarmac, Kim and I still managed to both be pulled aside for security issues. Apparently, a blow dryer and straightener are now security issues. Who knew? Not me, of course. I was asked to plug them in to prove that they worked and perhaps to verify that they were not bombs??? However, there was no adapter available that fit them and so after 15-20 minutes of the security lady insisting that they be plugged in but not having a way to do that, they decided to just run them through the x-ray separately. Still haven’t figured that one out! After we checked in the first time and went through the first security check point and were waiting to check in again and go through security again (seriously?), Kim was called back to where our luggage was held and asked if she had a torch – a.k.a. flashlight. She did and she showed it to the guy. He didn’t seem satisfied with what he saw, but he let us return to our position in line. Huh?

Doesn't this airport give you a warm fuzzy feeling in the bottom of your stomach?

More pictures to come of our time outside of Hyena town.

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