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The Year of the 30 – Round 2

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

The Year of the 30. That was my blog post title right at a year ago, 6 months before I was to turn 30. And judging by the fact that I haven’t blogged in the past 6 months, or essentially since the day I turned 30, perhaps it crossed your mind that my 30th birthday did in fact kill me (as I so dramatically feared it would). Nope, still here.

I just haven’t blogged, well, because I just haven’t blogged. Combine turning 30 plus a real 40 hour work week – don’t forget, it’s been a few years since I’ve had a traditional work schedule – and all I’ve got to say is its killing a girl. [My hard working, 70+ hours-per-week father just hung his head in shame at that statement. Aaaand all of my ag teacher friends across the great state of Georgia just realized why I no longer teach ag.) Girl got to sleep 8 hours a night. Let’s be serious.

It appears that a real job hasn’t killed me…yet. What it has killed is my desire to come home and stare at a computer and write. Or think. Or be any kind of productive. Just ask Michael. He claims daily that I never cook – and yet, if you take a good look at him, you’ll notice he hasn’t missed any meals lately. *Ahem* Somebody’s been getting some groceries somewhere.

I digress. Back to the year of the 30. I spent my 30th birthday in the good ole town of Moultrie, surrounded by sweet friends and family. It was good, uneventful, and I survived it. Anti-climactic if you want to know the truth.


A rare picture of me and the siblings over the summer.

Beyond that…. See, what had happened was, I originally moved back to Moultrie temporarily. First it was just for a couple of weeks till I found something else. Then it was for the summer so I could pay the bills. Then I decided I had nowhere I needed to go and less than zero desire to leave. Trust me, Michael tried his hardest to get me to relocate. Wait, never mind. At that point I was still cooking meals for the child so he was a little more willing to let me stay.

Somewhere along the way, I got the opportunity to work for a local farm family doing admin work and PR and seeing as how I had no other options, I just couldn’t pass it up! So, here I am almost 6 months into the job and learning lots and still absolutely thrilled to be in the deep South where faith, family, football, and farming are ultimate. Speaking of football, our Colquitt County Packers were 6A State Champs this year! Did I bother attending a single full game (I did suffer through one very cold half) or listening to them on the radio? No. No, I did not. But, they’re still my hometown team and they continue to make me proud to be from here.

So, it’s the year of the 30 and a 40 hour work week wears me out, I don’t cook real meals anymore, I’ve put on 15 pounds, and I mooch off my little brother’s generosity by living in his home for free (but don’t worry, I did decorate his house for Christmas this year which if you know him, you know was very important to him). In spite of all that, I’m so very happy to be home. And yes, I guess I’m happy to be 30 as well!

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