Three’s Company….

….and we are excited to have company here in Hyena Town! Our new roomie, Heather arrived last week and we are all enjoying getting to know each other and settling into a new routine for life here. Heather is from Ohio and has definitely got the country girl thing going on, as in she really loves to fish and told us that she lives 10 miles from a small town, with all the families around her being farmers (my kind of girl right?). She also provides a food bridge for Kim and I. She loves anything fried (yay for me) but also loves vegetables (good for Kim). I think it is so fitting that I am from Georgia, Kim from Canada, and Heather is from Ohio, right in between us. She is a bit younger than us, 23, so Kim and I are quite excited to mold and shape her young mind until she thinks just like us – ha! Please remember Heather during this time as she transitions into the not so normal life of Africa (and learns how to live with the two of us).

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