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Top 10 Things You Won’t See in America

As my roommates and I were driving through town tonight, we saw a man unloading a side of beef off the back of the truck. I kid you not, he was running across the street holding the cow over his head and letting it hang down his back as he carried it (obviously the cattle here are a little smaller) We all noted that that was one thing you would never see in America and decided that there should be a Top 10 list of things you don’t see in America. So here’s mine.

The top 10 things you see here that you wouldn’t (typically) see in America, in no particular order:

10. Minibuses or feet as the main mode of transportation

9. Men urinating on any available wall space anywhere and everywhere

8. Women breast feeding anywhere and everywhere with no cover whatsoever

7. Goat heads, legs, and skins sitting in piles along the side of the road – for sale of course!

6. A daily run in with beggars and the physically and mentally handicapped – there are few to no social programs and families generally can’t take care of those with special needs, so they are on the streets

5. Whole sides of beef hanging in an outdoor shop, not refrigerated, waiting for you to come along and select the cut you would like (and they often eat beef raw here)

4. White scarves covering heads and shoulders of the Orthodox and abayas and hijabs covering the entire body of Muslim ladies – sometimes showing only the face, sometimes only the eyes, and sometimes having the entire body covered from head to toe, eyes included.

3. Black Market DVDs – I can buy a movie on DVD about as quickly as you can see it at the theatre and much cheaper!

2. Sheep, cattle, or goats being herded through the middle of the city and the middle of traffic on a very regular basis

1. Men holding hands with one another – they are not at all homosexual, it is totally a cultural thing!

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