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Tour d’ Africa

Took another quick trip out to the village this week. We have these “prize” goats from America and the vet here wants to keep a close eye on them, while none of us is currently living in the village. He typically goes once a week, but due to my language studies I only go occasionally. However, it is a good chance for me to be immersed in the language and get some practice speaking, since so few people here in the Capitol speak it. I also get to play assistant to the vet, which is much more fun to me than practicing the language ; )

On our way out to the village we began passing firinje cyclists. This is definitely not common here and I could not for the life of me figure out who these people were and why they were cycling down roads in the middle of nowhere Africa. Although there are much more rural locations in Africa besides where we were, it certainly isn’t where I would want to be on a bicycle, and especially not if I happened to need any medical assistance. We were surprised to notice that the locals actually seemed much less interested in the cyclists than we thought they would be and really payed them very little attention. Well we kept passing these cyclists till maybe we had passed 30 to 40 of them and I made some joke about this being “Tour d’ Africa” being totally sarcastic. Sure enough, a few minutes later we passed a care station in the form of a bus that had “Tour d’Afrique” written across the side of it. Being a good researcher, I googled it when I got home and found out that it is a group that tours Africa from North to South and is based out of Canada. Who would’ve ever thunk it? Oh the things you see in Africa (that you don’t expect to see in Africa)!

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