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While we were away from our town, we got to go on a little site seeing. One trip was to a set of falls….or shall I say a trickle? Below is a picture of us at the falls. Below that is a picture of the falls looking like what they should. Lets just say we weren’t there during peak season. Despite that, it was still cool to see and we could imagine what the falls might look like when there is more water running over them.

The town we were staying in has a huge lake in it and we got the opportunity twice to sit and sip macchiatos outside while looking at the lake. They even had a lake trail that we walked along some. During our walk, we had the divine pleasure of seeing all the locals bathing. Although they were all gathered around swimming, playing, bathing, and lounging together unashamedly, I felt a little bit like we, as the firinge, were intruding on their private bathing session. Never fear, there is no lack of awkward moments around here.

This town is a very Orthodox town, so we also took a boat trip across the lake to a really old Orthodox church, which is supposed to be a big deal there.

The subtle differences between the people in Hyena town and the people in this town were interesting to observe. These people were of a different religion and a different tribe or clan and even though they were countryside, the things they grew and therefore the things they ate were different. The way they carried things – on their head as opposed to on their back – and they way they carried themselves was different. The clothing was also different with countryside men wearing really short shorts and walking with a staff, whereas our countryside men wear lots of clothes usually with some form of Muslim attire – i.e. a long “dress” or short pants, but never shorts!

All in all, we had a great time learning about the work that is going on in this town, getting to spend time with the people who live there, and getting to see some sites that are different from our own. I went there initially to shadow some people there who have lots of agricultural knowledge – now if only I can implement what I have learned around here that would be great!

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