Village Trip

Just got back from a quick trip to the village. The vet that works with us is back in country and a few of us went out to the village and goat site to pregnancy check some of the goats and vaccinate all of them – about 60. I have a video and some pics to post in the near future, but not tonight…too tired!

While we were there, one of the nationals had a baby goat that was born without a rectum. Apparently, that happens occasionally and is more common here than in the States. Just some kind of birth defect. Since we happened to have a vet on hand, he went ahead and fixed that baby goat up with a new rectum. I will warn you the video is a little gross, but quite educational. Watch it at your own risk. Basically, what the vet did was cut a small hole in the rear of the goat and then stitch the colon to the outer skin to create an artificial rectum. The goat will not be able to control his poop ever, but what does that really matter here – not like he was going to be house trained! Considering that he was 5 days old and had not been able to go yet, I would say that despite the temporary pain, he will feel much better in the long run. Anyways, it was an unplanned but rather exciting addition to our trip out to the goat site. More info to come later.

Check out the video on YouTube by clicking HERE.

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