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Want a Banana?

Well, I am adding “Banana Farmer” to my resume. I have now grown, harvested, and ripened my first bunch of bananas, so that makes me a banana farmer, right? Actually, there just happened to be a banana tree in my yard that just happened to have some bananas on it and my guard cut them off the tree when they were ready and told me to wrap them in a bag for a 2 weeks and leave them. Did you know bananas come off the tree looking very green and not ready to eat? I didn’t. They were handed to me as a bunch of green bananas and when I took them out of the bag two weeks later, they were definitely ripe….maybe a little too ripe cause I went to the city and forgot about them….oops. They have a different taste than most banans I’ve eaten and are a little small, so I cut them up and froze them to use for banana bread and smoothies. After cutting up about a gallon of bananas, I still had half the bunch left, so I gave them to some of my friends here in town to finish up eating. I certainly know nothing about growing bananas, but it sure is fun having a banana tree in my yard!

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