Water Wars – African Style

Well, life in Hyena town has reached a new “low.” And by low, I mean the water in our tank is low and by low, I mean that it has run out! We have officially resorted to bucket showers…and well…. bucket everything. Turns out, we are on the same pipeline as all the women who come and fill up their 5 gallon containers from the local water pump for all of their household and their animals and it seems there just isn’t enough left for us. Somehow they failed to realize that our daily showers and hair washing are more important than drinking water for their families and their livestock. Go figure. Our supervisors who live literally a 2 minute walk down the hill from us have plenty of water. We must have forgotten to say our morning prayers or something ….JUST KIDDING! (Bad theology, I know) Actually, they are just on a different pipeline – apparently one without everyone in town coming to get water from it. While I am a little resentful that they have water and we don’t, it does mean that they get to help supply us with water. So we are busy transporting 5 gallons of water at a time from their house to ours. Just in case I need a little perspective on the situation, all I need to do is look up the mountain and see all the ladies carrying those same 5 gallon containers (i.e. 40 lbs) tied on their back, walking barefoot up that mountain. That’s some perspective for you! While Kim and I have been all in a tizzy about having to haul water back and forth – the guard and houseworker haven’t even been phased. In reality, how is this different than how they live everyday life? Again, perspective. Showering has lost its appeal now that it means heating water and pouring very small amounts at a time over my head while I attempt to wash my hair. Guess that means I’m just going to shower less often and lets be real, I wasn’t doing it that often to begin with. Yikes!

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