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Weekly Health Clinics

The weekly clinics in the city I was visiting are one of the main projects that the workers there do.  There are three different clinics throughout the week, all that offer free healthcare for pretty basic issues.  I was told that they have seen many miracles and healings happen at the clinics as well as many people very readily coming to the Father.

I got to shadow two of the clinics just to see how things work for the possibility that this same type of project might occur in the village where I will be living and working. So, basically, I just walked around and took pictures and asked questions.  Everyone there was speaking in a language besides English, so I couldn’t understand too much, but I think I got the gist.  I also got to sit in while my roommate who is a nurse practitioner and midwife examined some people.  Since I kind of love gross, medical stuff, this was fun to me!

See the slideshow below of some of the pictures I took while I was there!

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